Apply to BBI Startup program spring 2019

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Twice a year – in Februari and September – we invite a new group of startups from Blekinge to take part of the BBI and Gameport Startup Program. A four-month adventure with a focus on giving your business idea a great start.

Now applications are open for the BBI and Gameport startup program spring 2019. Below you find more information and application instructions. Send your application latest January 27th.

If you want more information about BBI, Gameport, the Startup Program and Lean Startup you are welcome to contact, +46 (0)708-217272

Don’t tell people about your dreams and ideas, show them!

Do you have a business idea, game idea or product you want to launch? Or are you already running a business and want it to grow faster? We want to help you become more successful and are once again opening up for applications to our Startup program. The BBI and Gameport Startup program is a four months startup program for Blekinge based companies and entrepreneurs with the aim of helping you start, launch and grow your business. The next program starts in February 2019 and it is now possible to send in your application. Be part of this batch of startups going through BBI Startup program and make friends and allies for life within the group of ambitious entrepreneurs.

Send your application latest 27th of  January

You will learn everything you need to know to test, verify and start your business. Our expertise is to help entrepreneurs and teams grow their ideas into profitable businesses. We base our methodology on Lean Startup, and get the best and latest tools directly from Silicon Valley to help you start and grow as quickly as possible. You share office space with other startups in the program as well as with other companies that have come further with their business. You also have access to business coaches within different areas of expertise.

Please note that there is a limited number of seats and that it is mandatory to participate in a total of 10 full workshop days to attend. The program begins with a two-day ”Kick on” with an overnight stay on the 12–13 of February. It will be held somewhere in Blekinge (off-site). At the workshops you will learn about entrepreneurship, such as finance, capitalization, marketing, sales, teams and leadership. Between the workshops you will work with your own business. You will receive information about all course dates when you have been admitted to the program. 


Program cost

The program fee is 800 sek/month and business.


Program content

Besides ongoing business coaching you attend 10 full day workshops.

Lean Startup techniques workshop – 2 days
Economy/ raising capital – 1 day
Marketing – 2 days
Sales – 2 days
Personal leadership and team – 1 day
Networking – 1 day
Pitchtraining Day – 1 day
Demo Day presentation – 1 day


How to apply

Fill out an application answering the questions below. Based on your answers and eventual meetings you have had with any of our business coaches, BBI will select candidates for Startup program spring 2019. All questions below are in English but you are free to write your answers in Swedish if you prefer. Please keep your answers short and try to be as specific as you can. The deadline for submitting your answers to is on January 27th 2019. You will be notified of the result within two weeks.

Problems/ needs that we solve?
(Please describe the problem or need you solve for your target market/customers)

Customers (and what do they say?)
(Who is your customer/target market, and what is the feedback so far?)

Our idea/ product/service
(Describe your idea briefly, pictures are ok)

How will you make money?
(Your current assumption of who will pay and how much)

Marketing plan? Marketing/ sales done so far?

What makes your product or service unique (our WOW)
(Is there anything that makes you unique?)

Who´s in the team and what are you experiences/skills?

What is the reason you are exploring this idea/running this company?
(your why)?

What is you ambition? Your desired state in 2 years?
(Short term, long term/ where will the company be 2 years from now?)

Paying Customers yet?
(If yes, how many and how much have you earned already)

Will you be able to participate in the whole program?

(11 week days from start to end, at least. 2–3 days/month)

Business/ company name.

Contact information.
(How can we reach you?)